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#2 on iTunes Finland Album Chart

What an incredible weekend to see the support for this album grow as it climbs up the Finnish iTunes album charts. I am so, so thankful in this age of streaming that you generous souls still purchase music.

#2 Album and #10 Single on iTunes Finland Charts (Sun 25 Nov 2018)

When I was writing and planning this album, I made a conscious decision to make a Christmas album I wanted to listen to while wrapping presents by the fire or baking goodies in the kitchen. I wanted a nostalgic feeling album with real instruments in English that still had a strong, Finnish heart. In doing so, I think I broke the rules of what NOT to do for a successful holiday CD. Are all the songs in a minor key? Why so many original songs? Shouldn't you add more familiar upbeat songs? Is that another 3/4 time signature? Are you changing the time signatures in the middle of the song? Won't the clicking of the keys of the nyckelharpa (key fiddle) distract listeners? Artists often work in a bubble during the creation of projects. So although you HOPE that people will love what you are doing as much as you do...there is really no way to tell if what you are making is what your audience will connect with enough to want to make a part of the soundtrack to their lives. So seeing this early interest in this album which is so dear and personal to me and having it connect to a wider audience is a true thrill. I cannot thank you all enough and hope that the songs bring you peace, happiness, and comfort this Christmas season and in the years to come.

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